Expert Witness


Mr Muir is a practising surgeon who has been a core member of the urological emergency service at a level one trauma centre, and frequently assists colleagues from other specialties with urological problems in surgery. He has trained hundreds of urological surgeons.

A recognised world expert in male genital self image and size problems, Mr Muir has helped a number of men with disastrous complications from genital plastic surgery. He has also given many opinions on cases involving vasectomy, torsion and testicular damage as well as Fournier’s Gangrene

Appointed as a consultant in 1996, Mr Muir has since developed busy clinical and academic  and medicolegal practices and is now takes regular legal instructions.



  Gordon has attended a number of medicolegal training events and has been providing medicolegal reports for more than 15 years, including for the major medical defence agencies and NHS litigation. 

He currently provides reports in a ratio of approximately 50% claimant, 40% defendant and 10% joint.  Gordon is happy to consider the merits of a case based upon a short summary letter and provide full costings in advance of work being undertaken. He is increasingly receiving personal injury instructions.

He is happy to provide desktop liability reports with a rapid turnaround, and will try wherever possible to arrange a one stop appointment for claimants if any tests or imaging is required to complete a report. 


Specialist medico-legal knowledge in:

  • Urinary tract injuries (trauma and surgical misadventure)
  • Bladder over distention
  • Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal problems
  • Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, complications thereof
  • Male sexual Dysfunction and fertility problems

Also able to report on general urology:

  • Testicular torsion
  • Treatment of benign prostate problems
  • Circumcision problems complications of genital plastic surgery 
  • Issues dealing with consent to surgery


“Mr Muir was instructed as medico-legal expert in a high-profile, disputed High Court (Family Division) case in which I appeared. Mr Muir’s report was well-produced, clear, fully referenced and of outstanding quality. He understood well the parameters and obligations of giving expert evidence on disputed matters. He was also an impressive witness under cross-examination: confident, calm, unflappable, informative, experienced. His evidence was, in this case, accepted virtually in totality by the judge, who found Mr Muir’s expertise and credentials to be impressive, and treated his contribution to the case as substantial. Mr Muir made himself available in person for the trial in question, despite the considerable travelling distance involved. He has a thoroughly professional demeanour. His fees were fair and reasonable. I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr Muir as a medico-legal expert in any of the fields of his expertise.”

James Chegwidden, Barrister at Old Square Chambers

“Mr Muir’s assistance throughout this difficult case has been invaluable. His report enabled us to maintain arguments with regards to quantum, which enabled us to obtain a substantial discount on the settlement, to reflect the litigation risk.”

Andrew Pattison, Legal Director at Browne Jacobson LLP