Gordon has published in a number of fields from basic research into prostate cancer to the description of new surgical techniques in several areas of urology.
Many of his publications are seen as pioneering descriptions of new techniques or provide a new standard of care.

His first paper (in the field of prostate cancer) was published in 1994:

Reproducible standard technique for GreenLight laser prostatectomy:

Using TP prostate biopsy instead of transrectal for diagnosis of prostate cancer – more accurate (other papers show greater safety):

Minor surgery to avoid circumcision in men with foreskin problems:

Help for men with worries about their genitals and body image, resulting in the largest study of penis size ever published:

He has also helped describe new options in bladder cancer, diagnosis of testicular cancer and erectile dysfunction:

Recent publications have looked at general aspects of ethics and trial design in medicine as well as urology research. He is currently working also on the moral and ethical aspects of social media in healthcare, and the problems of current legal aspects of consent to treatment as it affects UK Healthcare, and the risks health workers take in their daily life:


Website Links
A lot of patients seem to think that doctors don’t like them looking online for information. This is not true at all, but there are lots of people trying to sell their wares on the web and not all are honest or truthful. If something sounds too good to be true it almost certainly is!

These links are websites I trust and which bring real value to patients. I hope they will be useful to you. For other sites, read widely but be sceptical of claims. I am lucky to work with expert colleagues in all areas of urology and cancer, and we offer almost every effective option available. In some clinics be aware that for a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail….

Prostate Cancer UK 

Comprehensive information and support for men with prostate cancer, and their families. Honest and unbiased 

Prostate Matters

An information site  managed by patients, for patients. Good clear information

The Urology Foundation

A great charity supporting research in the UK into urological disease. Small projects that really make a difference. I am proud to be associated in supporting them. 

Macmillan Cancer Support

A great charity for patients with cancer. This link goes to their page on testicle cancer

British Association of Urological Surgeons

Our professional association. Good information on accessing urological care and procedure information

London Bridge Hospital

In my view, the best private hospital there is. Information on the unit and its staff

King’s College Hospital

My teaching hospital and one of the UK’s leading centres