Foreskins, Frenulum Problems And Small Penis Anxiety


Probably around three per cent of men will have a foreskin problem requiring treatment in adulthood. Of course many boys are circumcised for social or religious reasons.  In general, if a man wants to keep connected to his foreskin then we can usually help, although for some men the presence of intractable scarring may mean circumcision is the best option.
Gordon has developed the operation and technique of frenuloplasty, with success rates of over 95%, and sees men from all over the world for this procedure and for other foreskin problems.

Although most men with any foreskin problem are recommended to have a circumcision, the individual should be empowered to choose the best option for him. For adults without scarring, a man usually has choices. It is worth pointing out that those men who do have a circumcision in adulthood, if well counselled and with the operation expertly done, usually say the discomfort is very much less than they had feared.

We are happy to offer general advice to men with queries about their foreskin problems  on receipt of a good quality set of images. This cannot of course replace a full examination.

We offer package prices for men needing foreskin operations, usually including unlimited follow up and with revision surgery in the unlikely event that should be needed. These prices, due to our low complication rates and local anaesthetic techniques, will often be lower than the same operation done in small local private hospitals.

General foreskin information sheet
Frenuloplasty information sheet
Circumcision package price
Circumcision Information sheet


“Two surgeons told me I needed circumcision. I found Gordon, who I think invented the frenuloplasty operation. He explained the options and then carried it out in outpatients with almost no discomfort. Now I have a healthy pain free foreskin and I am delighted with the outcome.”
Frenuloplasty information sheet
Frenuloplasty Package Price
Lighthearted Guardian article on the operation:

Gordon’s frenuloplasty Video

An interview with Gordon on frenukoplasty:

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Link to our surgical research paper describing the technique and results of frenuloplasty:
All inclusive pricing for vasectomy

Penile Size Problems:

Gordon and his team have been involved in research looking at men who are unhappy with the size of their penis for almost two decades and has published many research papers.  While penis size varies from individual to individual, many men worry about the penis being too small.

It is interesting to note that men do not usually come to a specialist asking for their feet to be made bigger, although this is a similar situation! It is possible to increase the size of the penis in men who have a genuinely small penis due to developmental abnormalities or injury, but the surgery is difficult and has risks. Gordon believes that if the penis works and is long enough for penetration, no surgery should be considered. 

Indeed many men in this position who worry about penile size will benefit from sympathetic counselling and my recommendation is that initially they should see an experienced psychosexual counsellor. We have recently presented research showing that the majority of men asking for penile enhancement have a distorted image of what they believe a “normal penis” to be and of course they are unlikely to be helped by any such intervention.

What is at least as important, is that men with this worry may be very vulnerable to less scrupulous clinics and the results are inevitably poor. Gordon’s recommendation is that patients should not ever consider penile enhancement surgery without at least one experienced second opinion.

Reputable surgeons will be able to give clear details of their complication rates and successes for these procedures, but a recent review we carried out showed that very few men are happy with such operations and they can almost never be recommended by reputable doctors.

Our nomogram of over 15,000 penis measurements – 12.5cm (just over 5 inches) is average. 

This is a sympathetic and easy to understand video from the USA