Male Fertility And Sterilisation

Infertility is a common problem today. It is vital that when assessing a couple, both partners are assessed. For many men this will involve simple assessment and a full semen analysis, but for some more detailed investigations will allow more accurate assessment and the options of techniques to help in the fertility journey.

For men with previous vasectomy Gordon is happy to advise on the pros and cons of microsurgical vasectomy reversal – this can depend on a number of factors in a couple.

Gordon works with some of the UK’s best known fertility clinics and can offer one stop assessments when possible.


Gordon has offered the no scalpel vasectomy (Li technique) for over two decades and in that time has never had to take a patient back to the operating theatre for bleeding or other early complications. This minimally invasive operation avoids the need for large skin incisions and stitches, being done through one small puncture in the scrotum. Gordon offers the procedure as an outpatient at a convenient time, and if patients have read and understood the information sheet and watched the video then we can offer this as a one stop operation to most men.
We can often offer a one stop option for men who fulfil the following criteria:
• Have had children without IVF or major fertility problems
• Have no history of scrotal surgery or chronic pain
• Have read the information sheet
• Have viewed our patient information video

Vasectomy information
Vasectomy video

Patient testimony:

“I was recommended Gordon by a friend. He made what I had feared would be a horrible experience pass with no more than mild discomfort and almost no pain afterwards. The most difficult bit was probably the corny jokes! Clearly one of the best in the business.”

We offer an all-inclusive package price for local anaesthetic vasectomy including counselling, surgery, post operative sperm counts and revision surgery if needed. This usually ends up slightly cheaper than having the procedure in many private hospitals, although there are private GP services offering the operation for less. We offer this operation at both the Shard and the Cadogan Clinic.