Patient Centred Benign Prostate Treatments

Almost half of all men will seek treatment for urinary problems at some time.

We have for many years offered one stop clinics in both the private sector and the NHS to try to make a speedy diagnosis and wherever possible give choices and control to men deciding how to manage their waterworks issues. Many options exist, from lifestyle changes and herbal therapies, to long lasting surgical treatments. Almost every man can be helped to have a normal quality of life, and almost every man will have a number of options to choose from.

Gordon has pioneered a number of minimally invasive prostate treatments over the years.
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Until only a few years ago, most men with prostate problems would have been offered the choice of medication or one type of operation.  While surgery in the form of TURP is a very effective treatment which has stood the test of time, it is an operation which does require a few days in hospital and which does have a risk of significant bleeding and where a significant majority of men will develop a permanent dry orgasm and a small number of men will develop erectile dysfunction (with an even smaller chance of surgical incontinence. ) 

Even for very high risk men we can usually offer safe treatment, but the patient is key and a holistic approach is essential.
A discussion of high risk patients can be listened to here:

BSCI high risk podcast

For most of Gordon’s patients we will discuss sexual function and quality of life, adapting techniques to match the patient rather than vice-versa.

Over the last 5-10 years the landscape has changed almost beyond recognition in terms of the choices available to men although sadly a study my group published last year showed that most urologists do not even consider sexual side effects of their patients when offering treatment for benign prostatic obstruction.   (World Journal of Urology [21 Apr 2018, 36(9):1449-1453)